The Queen, often accompanied by husband Prince Philip, has globetrotted in the name of promoting the crown. Queen Elizabeth II, 92, has undertaken her royal excursion duties since the age of 21. Prince Charles’ mother, the UK’s longest-serving monarch, is often seen chatting in great depth to political and community figures during her tours. Yet, a hidden terror behind her bubbly exterior has come to light.

Royal writer Kitty Kelley has shone light on the Queen’s seeming less than confident side in her recent book.

The Royals details the difference in character between the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh, 96, during their official state trips abroad.

She said during such occasions, Queen Elizabeth II appeared to feel “self conscious” about “the gaps in her education.”

Kitty wrote: “Philip chatted with anyone about anything, while Elizabeth worried constantly about what to say.”

She added how Elizabeth was said to have confided her worries about public conversation with a close friend, and quoted the chat during which the monarch is said to have stated: “Believe it or not, I lie in my bath before dinner, and think, Oh, who am I going to sit by and what do they talk about?

“I’m absolutely terrified of sitting next to people in case they talk about things I have never heard of.”

Kitty went on to reference how the monarch and her husband secured honorary doctor of law degrees from London University.

After being bestowed the honour, Kitty told how the Queen replied: “There is one piece of fortune which we have never known.

“We have never known a university from within.”

Meanwhile in a separate incident, the Queen’s fear of flying has come to light.

The monarch does not enjoy the process of travelling to far-flung destinations, according to royal biographer Robert Hardman.

In his new book Queen of the World, he told how Prince Harry’s grandmother is “famously stoical” about the dangers of royal life while on excursions.

He added: “However, she (the Queen) has never been a great fan of air travel.

“If St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, can afford any extra protection then so much the better.”

Yet while she may not enjoy the process of getting to her destination, it is clear the monarch enjoys her duties when she gets there.

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