Be cautious about your payment method

Hotels often offer a variety of ways guests can pay for their room.

“The way and time you pay for your stay can have an effect on the amount you pay for a room,” says Pav.

The most common method is paying upfront, however, some hotels also allow guests to reserve the room and pay later. While the latter option can seem like a financial relief, especially if you have already pulled out a huge chunk in advance for flights or travel, however, it isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective option.

Pav explains: “Package rates are designed to appeal to a larger audience especially the pay in advance rates, as hotels are under more pressure on the day to fill, it helps them if they have a better indication of numbers for planning room allocations, housekeeping and numbers to cater for in restaurants.

“So, the biggest discount available on a room usually comes with a ‘pay in advance’ method.

“The next option is a ‘reserve now pay later’ rates which cost slightly more.”

Travellers who opt to pay at booking could reduce cost further down the line, meaning more spending money or extra pennies for the savings pot.

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