Google Maps Street View has the uncanny habit of capturing people in the middle of embarrassing moments. Images from the mapping service often go viral when they show funny or unusual scenes. One man was spotted in New York, USA in the middle of a rather risky activity. The Google photo snapped him perfectly in time as he went about his deed.

The Street View image shows the man riding his bicycle along the streets of the Big Apple.

However, the cyclist is not keeping his eyes forward as he likely should be for road safety.

Instead, the man is staring off to the side at the pavement directly to his left.

For there, striding along the flagstones is a blonde woman in jeans and a skimpy top.

The man looks to be making no secret of the fact that his interest has been piqued – it appears to be no subtle glance.

The woman, who holds a handbag, is looking straight forward as she walks.

It’s unclear if she is aware of having caught the man’s attention. Perhaps she is ignoring him or perhaps she hasn’t noticed.

Since the Google Maps photo is just a moment caught in time there’s no knowing the story behind the photo.

Many questions could be asked – did the man already know her? Did the pair go on to meet?

Arguably most concerning is whether the cyclist stayed safe on the road and kept an eye on other traffic.

A very similar scene was also captured by Google Maps over in Sicily off the coast of Italy. 

A man was seen riding on a scooter along a street in the region of Catania.

The man’s head has been turned right round as he cranes to look at a blonde woman at the side of the road.

The woman is wearing a white top and denim miniskirt and holds a pale handbag as she walks past a row of cars on the pavement.

She undeniably has the man’s full attention as he motors along, seemingly unaware of the dangerous implications of not looking at the road.

It’s unclear whether the blonde pedestrian is aware of the motorist’s stare as she appears to be looking straight ahead.

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