Angry passengers of a mystery cruise have reportedly “mutinied” after their trip docked at Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk an a Dutch industrial port. According to The Sun, roughly 900 customers on board the Balmoral ship were expecting an exciting first stop on the ”special voyage”, with some paying £1,400 for 11 nights on the trip. However, when the cruise ship docked at Great Yarmouth, Dunkirk and a Dutch industrial port, they were in for a surprise. Those on board were astonished to stop at Great Yarmouth, with some passengers having travelled from the resort in the first place.

Next stop was Dunkirk, followed by Antwerp, Belgium, before arriving at a port in Ijmuiden 20 miles from Amsterdam.

As a result, irate customers refused to leave the 710-room vessel because of the itinerary made by holiday operator Fred. Olson.

Others on board the ship reportedly engaged in heated arguments with staff over the locations on the trip, having set off from Newcastle on Tuesday.

“It’s mutiny on here. God knows where we will end up next,” one passenger said.

Another added: “It’s been dreadful so far. We’ve saved up all year and end up in these places.”

They continued: “Ijmuiden in Holland, it was like being on a council estate, with cheap shops like Poundland. There have been a lot of complaints and the crew know people are not happy.”

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines say they offer a “holiday experience like no other”, describing the cruise as an “unmissable mystery.”

A spokesperson said it was a shame that a minority of guests felt the cruise did not meet expectations, but they had also received several positive comments.

Cruise ship holidays are the ideal time to put the stresses and pressures of the real world in the past and enjoy the time away.

Nevertheless, there are still rules that need to be followed while on board. And there is one thing in particular that could get passengers kicked off.

No matter how many cruises one has been on, everyone has to attend this procedure.

“Don’t skip the muster drill,” insisted Coulter. “It’s mandatory and provides important information in case of an emergency.

“If you miss it, you can be thrown off at the first port, regardless of whether you have sailed before.”

In 2012 Seabourn Cruise Line kicked an elderly couple off the ship when they failed to show up at the drill.

In a statement, Seabourn confirmed that the pair were debarked after the wife refused to attend the mandatory passenger emergency drill “despite multiple explicit warnings and personal communication by ship’s officers.”

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